You will be able to enjoy the fresh green scent in the spring, the coolness of weather in the summer, the beautiful colours of the trees in autumn, and all the activities of snow related sports in the winter.

森のや 観光スポット - Tsumagoi is a hidden tourism spot less than three hours from the Tokyo Metropolitan area. The views offer beautiful spots to see the Asama active volcano from both Nagano and Gunma sides. It is a place where you can stay for a many days and still not have enough time to see all sightseeing spots. The water which comes from the mountains is pure and the air is fresh and clean. It is a quiet place and full of harmony and well being. A natural and wonderful place to visit with many attractions such as hiking courses and ski resorts.

Kusatsu Onsen


Within a quick 30 minute drive from Morninoya Villas, Kusatsu onsen is considered one of the best hot springs destinations in Japan. Not only does it offer amazing bathing options but also has the romantic charm of an old Japanese town with various activities and unique experiences such as the Yumomi dance (a cooling down performance of hot water).

Chatsubomi Moss Park


A very exotic and interesting mix of a moss natural park with onsen type falls. This park offers many beautiful walking routes and is a perfect choice for spending the afternoon on a sunny day.



Another unique and exotic destination of Gunma. Currently closed due to the volcanic activities of Mount Shirane, this is one of the most beautiful views in the region. Some of the viewing trails can still be hiked but it is best to call the local authorities and confirm current and updated situation.

Shiraito Falls


Located between Karuizawa and Tsumagoi this is a famous waterfall that is elegant and worth a visit. Rather than from a river or stream this waterfall comes from a water spring which is infiltered by the rains over the Asama Plateau many years before you will see it. The beautiful short trail to the site also provides a lovely stroll.

Aisai no Oka


In English Aisai no Oka means "My beloved wife's hill". It is indeed a quiet and romantic place to visit. The hill has a spectacular view of the Asama Volcano and nearby mountain range. You can enjoy the beautiful green valley spotted with small villages and farms surrounding the Gunma side of the Plateau. At night it is an amazing place for stargazing.

Hiking Tracks


There are excellent hiking courses with various degrees of difficulty around Mount Asama. The trails provide a beautiful experience with the changing seasons and offer amazing views of the volcano and surrounding mountains. Starting from Kurumazaka Toge you can take a short course to Kurofu Mountain or also a long one to Jakotsu Dake. You will find course maps at the hotel or at the visitors cafe.

Ski Resorts


Located only 25 minutes from Morinoya Villas in Tsumagoi, Palcall Tsumagoi Resort is the largest snow resort in the Karuizawa Area. Famous for its excellent powder snow the resort offers different courses and all the amenities for a perfect ski day.

Source of photo: https://www.omochaoukoku.com/karuizawa/

Karuizawa Toy Kingdom


A nice place for children of 10 years old or younger. The Amusement park has many activities to provide a full day of excitement and fun for the kids.

Oni Oshidashi Park


The Onioshidashi Park is actually the lava fields of the Asama volcanic activities in the past. The metaphor of the name is interesting as it would mean something like "The stones pushed out of the earth by the powerful demons". It is a very exquisite and interesting place to visit.

Bugudanno Pond


This pond in the Kusatsu area is extremely beautiful and photogenic in the Autumn. It is a quiet and colorful spot perfect for a picnic on a sunny autumn day. Unfortunately it is currently not accessible due to the volcanic activities but may change in the near future.

Moto Shirane Mt.


Moto Shirane Mountain and its valleys are another excellent choice for sightseeing in the autumn season. The picturesque scene of the valley looks like a painting by the end of October where you will see green, yellow and red foliage mixed across the vibrant fields.

Manza Onsen


Manza Onsen (like Kusatsu) is also considered a top hot springs destination in Japan. The slightly acidic onsen water is similar to Kusatsu with a strong sulfur scent but Manza is located in a more elevated region. Here you can enjoy many outdoor baths with spectacular views of the mountains and valleys.

Tonbo no Yu


Tonbo no Yu is located 10 minutes by car from the Karuizawa Shinkansen Station. Modern and elegant architecture makes this one of the most visited hot springs in Karuizawa. Nestled in nature next to the famous Harunire Terrace and along a beautiful stream you can enjoy many excellent restaurants and shops after a bath.

Shiriyaki Onsen


An unusual onsen experience that is located directly in the river! Close to Kusatsu this is a public hot springs in a calm and wooded area with pools of different temperatures as well as river swimming.

Cabage Fields


Tsumagoi's summer is famous for its agricultural activities. You will find the famous Tsumagoi cabbages in every store or farmers' market in the region and they are sweet and fresh, arguably the best in Japan! The cabbage fields themselves are beautiful and very photogenic.